Crates filled with....BARRELS!!!!

"Dude, where's my ship?"

Photobucket The party stood looking down at the huge defile that was left over from defeating the evil shadow dwarf. At the bottom, Moravia’s Most Wanted (hereafter referred to as MMW) noticed a light twinkling. Black Warryn obtained permission to “check the foundations of the mansion” via an amazing bluff check, and the party started down the hole. After negotiating a series of secret rooms, the party gathered evidence of a long-standing plot to initiate a war between Somquian and the Fortress Citadel of Garlan (as well as a crate full of barrels, and a crate full of rugs). After negotiating a salary of 4,000gp from the captain of the guards, the party takes their leave. Gathering a suit of noble clothes and a bizarre unmarked electrical device of no small size (but NOT Marquis Mark’s sword), the party headed back to the boat.

At the boat, the party discovered Gobbers had wandered off. Trip Wire went to find him, and discovered him “collecting” sickles by the armload. The party adds 7 sickles to it’s treasure pool.

Knowing that an assassin was headed to the Somquienese ambassador in Garlan, the party decided to head there. Black Warryn noticed an invisible follower trailing the ship by branch running. Timing a snap shot to hit the next branch the creature was jumping for, Black Warryn succeeded in stopping the creature. The party jumped out to investigate, but the trail had gone cold. Returning to the boat, the party saw…the boat was underway! Black Warryn tried to snipe the invisible pilot, but didn’t notice the wheel was tied in position and there was no pilot until after the results of his shot were announced. Trip Wire teleported the party on board, and they narrowly avoided crashing into a rock outcropping. A thorough search turned up nothing, so the party continued on to Garlan.

Once in Garlan, the party met with the ambassador, and arranged for Trip to pose as him for the remainder of the stay. The ambassador was a bit saddened because he would no longer be able to hurl insults at the delegation from Garlan (Black Warryn saw his list of insults, and developed a new respect for the Somquienese, but Tomadoch was very offended by the list and spent much of his free time developing retorts), but he allowed himself to be put into a safehouse. No sooner did the party take up residence in the Embassy than a package purporting itself to be a gift arrived. Black Warryn thoroughly inspected the box, and determined it to be in fact a legitimate gift. As soon as it was set down on the table, it became unmovable and started to transmute. The runes on the box projected onto the walls, and a giant face opened in one wall and began spewing stone dwarves, while giant stone hands protruded from the side walls! It seemed that these Dwarves did indeed know how to rock…



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