"I thought you said it was clear!!! How's it look now?"

"Looks clear."

The party is still crawling the waterfall cave. After the defeat of the mind-crushing horrors in the pool room, Ash and Lexar came out of the closet and revealed to the party they were a Fey couple all along. Nobody was surprised. Trip Wire, a human orb-wizard dropped from the ceiling and joined up with the party. Nobody thought to ask how he was “sleeping” on the ceiling, but he seemed like a pretty cool guy. So now with the addition of 2 characters with Passive Perceptions >24 (in addition to being Fey, Ash and Lexar revealed they were also Rangers all along), the party proceeds to set off every trap ever. After failing to disarm a loud noise alarm, Black Warryn sets off a trap that caves in the roof of his tunnel. The party makes good use of Thom’s ritual book to save Warryn, and the adventure proceeds. Presented with a flame trap, the party does a little rules lawyering and realized they could simply delay a trap instead of having to disarm it. Doing so has the party march one at a time down this other corridor, where 4 black-rock warped hobgoblins slam a set of spiked walls together on Thom. The party makes pretty short work of these fellows, even taking the time to describe their powers in detail before striking instead of just calling out the rad name of each attack like they normally do. After this, the great idea to sleep in the hidden alcoves to rest up is presented (Black Warryn was at 60% health with one surge remaing, and several daily powers had been expended). Three times a mystery creature defeated the sentry eyes Thom set up and injected Fire Scorpion Venom into the necks of sleeping party members. No amount of perceiving would reveal the culprit, so the party decided to move on without resting after all. Just as the session was coming to a close, The People’s Deliberation Front busted in on a ritual, where it seemed a guy and another guy that was riding on a giant black-rock spider were trying to black-rock infuse the Age, the semi-sentient fungus under the town. Seeing the little fencing master’s daughter looking bored, the party starts a charge towards the ritual casters and end the session with a freeze frame of them all looking cool.



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