I've got a bad feeling about this...

"You wouldn't like me when I'm hungry"

The shadow monster, having just thrown Black Warryn across the room by his shadow, makes ready to challenge the party. Trip Wire, in a desperate gamble to put the creature off its game, decides to attempt to join his mission. Aided by the shady looking Pirate, Trip manages to stall the combat for a moment.

Rolen, being the paragon of justice that he is, could no longer maintain the charade. Pulling an amazing almost-storming-out-but-spinning-around-and-lasering maneuver, the Shadow beast was taken by complete surprise. Initiative is rolled, and the battle begins.

The shadow beast pulls some pretty sweet tricks on the party, turning the fire in the fireplace into an anti-fire that casts gloomy not-light all through the room. It takes the party many rounds of combat to realize they can snuff the fire out, but Trip Wire came through in a pinch and prestidigitates the fire out, returning normal vision to the group. After finally killing the shadow’s host, the shadow seemingly disappears. Until the sunrod that Tomadoch is holding mysteriously winks out!

The party, realizing that shadows are coalescing all over the room, makes a running leap off the balcony. Landing with minimal difficulty, the party turns to see a sort of shadow implosion melting away half of the mansion! From the midst of the shadow maelstrom a shadow dwarf rises. Revealing he is in fact some sort of avatar for a mage that’s trapped in Somquien, the battle is engaged anew. This time, the shadow beast brought some friends: shadow versions of the People’s Deliberation Front Moravia’s Most Wanted! This was a mixed blessing for the shadow beast, as the party was very familiar with their own strengths and weaknesses and was able to dispatch “themselves” in relatively short order. The streak of criticals didn’t hurt at all.

No sooner did the nega-party get destroyed than the shadow monster arose yet again as a giant shadow golem! The party was pretty beat up and battle weary by this time, but doggedly kept at it. Whittling down the golem turn by turn, several striker criticals allowed the party to emerge victorious. The survivors from the mansion raise a mighty cheer, and Black Warryn yells out “Thank You Grainhollows! We’ll be here all week!” bringing the amazing rock show to an epic conclusion.



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