One Eyed Willie's Treasure

The party does a little cliff diving

Having defeated the mutated, black-rock infused druid, the party made it to poison town. Situated above a massive semi-sentient fungus that is deadly to all things and blocking an entrance to the Underdark, this town is known for both its fencing and its poison. The People’s Deliberation Front is there to track down the engineer of the attacks on the Dwarven Citadel of Garlan. After a few inquiries, the party learned of a missing girl, the daughter of a prominent fencing master. The discovery of a suspicious cave with a waterfall emptying into it tempted the party to climb down. Black Warryn was the first in, making it down most of the treacherous climb but slipping on the last few feet of rope. The rest of the party fell spectacularly, some taking significant damage, but all surviving. A brief ritual was performed to determine the most fortuitous course of action, and the party took the underwater route deeper into the cave system. A battle was fought with a Grek, some kind of centipede, and another one of the blackrock-warped monstrosities. After a long fight, the People’s Deliberation Front emerged victorious.



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