"Sometimes you've got to break a few eggs..."

The party confronts the Black Rock cultist and his Troglodyte-on-a-spider lackey.

Ashe the Ranger, liking the looks of their ritual but little, decided charging in and disrupting it would be the best course of action. Initiative didn’t favor the bold however, so Black Warryn took up the cause and made a charge attempt to try and push the cultist into the Age. Just out of range, Black Warryn stepped in a hidden bucket of poison fungus, and had to stop and scrape it off his shoes. Ashe barreled into the room, and promptly almost died.

A string of bad rolls plagued the party, and the Dungeon Master realized just how broken the Archer Ranger equipped with a Greatbow really was. “D12’s? How about you roll D10’s instead?”

Trip Wire the Wizard proved his worth when he locked down an evil sprite with Visions of Ruin.

Black Warryn received a drastic neck wound that wouldn’t close up (probably 50-60pts of damage before the saving throw finally came through), and Thomas Stormwatcher took an estimated 100+pts of total damage from ongoing poison attacks.

Midway through the battle, Ashe attempted to take matters into his own hands and “rescue” the fencing master’s daughter during the fight. He succeeded on a grab check to carry her, and then on a further strength check to pull her out of the room.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t too interested in leaving with him in that fashion, and started opposing his checks. A critical resist matched up to a critical failure on his part, and he was crushed to the floor by her efforts. Getting frustrated, Ashe used the Lifeguard tactic of punching out the victim to make them easier to manhandle.

Only seeing this part, Trip Wire was alarmed to say the least. Trip cast Acid Mire under Ashe’s feat to keep him from killing our intended damsel in distress, which caused a moment of extreme tension. Both members being new to the group, the party wasn’t at all sure how to handle it.

Black Warryn, having traveled far to the East in his younger days, offered to make use of some of the unconscious-schoolgirl-specific-tentacle-techniques in his arsenal, but wiser heads prevailed.

A secret door to the surface was located, and the party finally got some well-needed rest. Trip and Ashe made up, and the girl was returned to the fencing school. The party received the list of disgraced former students in return, with the possibility for fencing lessons left open.

Also, nanomachines.



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