The Dwarf council has been kidnapped by Iron Man, are you a metal enough dude to save them?


In this episode, the party confronted some necro-dwarves, an Iron Man, and a sweet Axe-gun-robot-on-ro-goat guy that was sort of on their side. When the party busted in to the council chamber, they quickly assessed the situation. They quickly determined that Zash, the robot-dwarf on the robot-goat was an unwilling adversary, and was unfortunately under the control of Rockscrap. Rockscrap’s visage appeared via a scrying portal and he tried to get Zash to stampede the party. Just when he was about to issue that command, Black Warryn successfully covered the sound of his voice with a well-timed discharge of his pistol. This allowed Zash a slight amount of leeway on his orders, and gave the party a sweet surprise round.

Black Warryn quickly sniped the necro-cleric in the rear of the room with a critical, and Ashe promptly delayed his action. Trip cast Visions of Ruin, which is this year’s Fireball, on Iron Man. This successfully locked Iron Man down until the very end of the fight, which was probably for the best.

At one point, Sabrewolf ran up a wall to rain pointy death down on the enemies, but Zash steamrolled him with his hand cannon and knocked him off his perch. Sabrewolf had an epic dual-crit twin strike, but followed it up with some equally epic low-numbered rolls. Tom was immobilized, and spent the whole fight unable to do anything. Ultimately, the party prevailed, and left off wondering which side quest they were going to do next to avoid having to advance the main plot any further. This session everyone who hadn’t already done so became 11th level.



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