What evil lurks in the hearts of men?

"That shadow over there probably knows!"

With their list of suspicious characters burning a hole in their pockets, the People’s Deliberation Front sails after Marquis Mark to engage in a little sword-point diplomacy.

After checking in with Gobbers, Black Warryn becomes suspicious of his lack of a new collection. A thorough investigation of the ship turned up a bunch of claw marks leading down the outer hull of the ship, with a lone goblin fingernail embedded in the bottom. Also there were seemingly a few ballast stones missing. The party suspects Gobbers may have repelled a goblin invasion, but thought it best to leave him to his secrets. He may have been attempting to waterboard a fellow Goblin in the same way the party waterboarded Ashe, but nobody thought to ask him about that.

Arriving in the Grainhollows, the party discovers a tattered wanted poster for the original lineup that had been recently posted. The OG members of the group had some ‘splainin’ to do to Trip Wire (and everyone, really), but it was quickly determined that bygones were to be bygones. Word is received that there will be a large planting festival hosted by Marquis Macaire, and the party decided they needed to find a way in. Various strategems were discussed at length, and finally the original plan was determined to be the way to go: Disguise ourselves as a troupe of entertainers, and put on a show so epic that they would HAVE to invite us to the festival.

It was decided that the party would dress up like the members in the wanted poster, and pretend all those posters were in fact show fliers all along. Moravia’s Most Wanted hit the stage that night, and an amazing performance ensued. Many successful feats of acrobatics, charisma, and pyrotechnics so thoroughly impressed the crowd that they quickly realized they needed to see more of this.

Most wanted

The Day of the Masque arrived, and no sooner had the party started than it came to a screeching halt: The captain of the guards busted in, and revealed that Marquis Macaire had been brutally murdered in his bed. The party asked during their questioning whether anyone had looked for a magical means by which he may have been slain, and were then allowed to perform said investigation. No sooner did Trip Wire detect a faint aura of transmutation magic, than the captain of the guards charged him with a drawn sword! Thinking quickly, Ashe grabbed him to restrain him. The Captain then stabbed himself in the neck, followed by the Doctor’s attempt to cut HIS own throat with his scalpel. He was stopped by Rolen and Black Warryn attempted to stab the dead body one more time to make sure it was actually dead (it was). Using the speak to dead ritual, the body of Marquis Macaire told the party that a local Tiefling lord was the one that killed him.

The party asked to see the last will and testament of the Marquis, and it named a local lord named Duke Karmont as sole beneficiary. The notary ran out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Realizing it was locked, Black Warryn picked it quickly, and the party found the Notary dead of multiple stab wounds to his own neck. After laying down some tracking dust, the party investigated the Notary’s office further. A brief encounter with some mysterious moving scrolls revealed that there was in fact an EXTRA SHADOW running around the room. The shadow made a break for it upon being noticed, and the party tracked it’s trail in the dust. Arriving back in the room filled with party goers, Trip Wire noticed the will’s beneficiary, Duke Karmont, had the very same shadow! The party lured this individual into a room, where Rolen blasted his shadow with a radiant eldritch space laser. The shadow flew to the ceiling, the Duke jerked unnaturally to the side, and at that moment decided to drop the pretense of stealth and attacked the party! Tune in next week for more thrilling adventures of Moravia’s Most Wanted (the party formerly known as The People’s Deliberation Front)!



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