Talanar Kendra

Talanar is the tank of Kord, the holy palidan that braves the mighty captain courage the lightning sword for the betterment of Arkose.


Talanar wears mountain plate armor, and collects two two-handed great swords. Currently he has 3 : one is a berserker sword, one is a staggering full blade and the third is the wicked righteous captain courage the lighting bringer, a chaotic good relic sword that wants to destroy anything that is not natural. Talanar loves to breathe fire and throw oil and breathe fire some more. Talanar loves to kill bad things. Kill. Burn. Kord!


Talanar lives to kill. He was once a paladin of the church of Kord in the city of Port Vas?? He found that the leaders of the church were corrupt and did not actually care about Kord at all. So Talanar revolted against their rule and vowed to bring them down in a fiery torrent. Ever since then Talanar has been on the run, as the church has been sending bounty hunters after him. Talanar is seeking the most powerful word in all of Arkose that he may return and vanquesh the traitors of the church and reinstate true believers into power.

Currently Talanar is in the employ of The great Baron Vairos in the Valley of Moravia.

Talanar Kendra

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