Thomas Stormwatcher


Thomas is of medium height and weight. He is a thirty-year-old Human with dark hair. He wears Dwarven Finemail, with a long coat over the top. He carries a full-size shield and a Vanguard longsword. Additionally, he has a very fine wand. On his head he wears a horned helm to put the fear of Kord in his enemies. A pair of well-worn Wavestrider boots on his feet and a small healer’s amulet around his neck complete his wardrobe.


Thomas Stormwatcher became a mariner at the age of fourteen, when he ran away from a bad home situation and joined the crew of a merchant vessel, the Queen Sara out of Port Harkelse. Stormwatcher wanted nothing so much as he wanted to be the captain of his own vessel. He learned much whilst serving on the Queen Sara, most of it from his mentor and surrogate father, Captain Prospero. The salty old captain taught Thomas the ways of the sea and the ways of the world. Thomas learned how to be self-sufficient and how to know when the gods had offered a helping hand. He learned to pay proper respects to Kord for his bravery and to Melora for the sea. When it came time for Prospero to retire, there was no question of who would succeed him.

Thomas became the captain of the Queen Sara at the age of twenty-six. Having achieved everything he hoped for at such a young age, Captain Stormwatcher thought he had a long and happy career ahead of him. But the gods had other things in mind.

The storm was as sudden as it was brutal. The Queen Sara was dashed completely to pieces. Most of the crew perished. Only the bravest of the survivors ever returned to sea. Captain Stormwatcher lost everything he had worked so hard to get.

For over four years, the captain would not return to the sea. He earned his income as a laborer and adventurer, taking odd jobs that led him to all corners of Arkose and introduced him to players virtuous and nefarious. Since banding together with his current rowdy lot on a mission to Moravia, he has been able to save enough to buy a longship, Kord’s Blade, and finally make his maritime return.

Recently, strange arcane phenomena have led Thomas to believe he may have Sorcerer’s blood running in his veins. He has begun developing his arcane abilities to aid him as he plies the dangerous trade routes of Arkose.

Thomas Stormwatcher

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